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App Review:-

Since the launch of smart phones the one thing which truly disturbs people is its lack of file management system. Yes in mobile ecosystem companies are still ignoring such a useful features, don’t know why but android which consider as most powerful fully open source platform is still whenever launch a new version always ignore the presence of file manager, similarly one complaint commonly brought up against the IOS platform too, which is also having a lack of a device-wide file management system. As things go Google the parent company of android still ignoring the usability of file manager but brands like LG, Samsung, Huawei, HTC & Sony comes up with their default custom designed file managers, hopefully only users having such brand’s devices can enjoy file management system, But what’s about other billions of smart phone users?

File Manger cheeta Banner

Don’t worry just relax, a popular developer’s company known as Cheetah mobile Inc understand the needs of users & from years since the 1st launched  of android they have also launched their very own app state as file manger & explorer. As far as it’s one of most popular mobile file manager which is more than just a file manager, obviously it has some stunning features which aside it form other usual apps.  The file manager by cheetah has two versions one for free & the other is paid so here’s we’ll talk about free one.

Perhaps the file explore or manager can simply download from Google play store, as per Google play store insights more than 5 billion plus users have download it & the growth is still increasing. In performance point of view it’ll gives users a complete control over the files on their phone & tablets. Over & above people can do manage their data along with use some exceptional services, such as; (warless services: LAN connections, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEB DAV) (online cloud integration: Drop-box, Google drive, box, Sky drive, Sugar sync, Yandex Disk). In addition if you’re having a rooted device than you are actually one step ahead with some more durable elements. As far as popularity goes, it’s hard to beat the File Explorer (manager) because it’s not only a manager but it’s an app killer, Drop-box client and FTP client, along with cloud drive, & much more.


  • Sets of commercial icons
  • 80+ different file types
  • Tool bar and menu items
  • Multiple resolutions support
  • Support 28 language
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Cancel-able progress dialogue
  • List view
  • Grid view
  • File explorer
  • Compress files
  • Decompress support to lock files
  • Search files with advanced search bar
  • Share files
  • Multiple selections
  • Various sorting support
  • Support both local and remote
  • Support (LAN/SMB) file systems
  • Support FTP, FTPS, SFTP and Web DAV
  • Support cloud storage
  • Cloud covers; Drop-box, Box, Google Drive, Sky-Drive, Sugar Sync, Yandex Disk and Ubuntu One
  • Play streaming media from LAN/FTP/Web DAV/Cloud without download
  • Support FTP file sharing
  • Access device files freely without data cable
  • Thumbnail for photo, video and APK files
  • Image viewer
  • Support file short-cut
  • Home screen for easily access
  • Root Explorer for rooted devices
  • Built-in text editor
  • Image gallery
  • SWF player
  • Video player for watching on-line movies
  • Create unlimited folders
  • Delete stuff
  • Rename document files
  • Search anything with keyword
  • Share or Send file via Bluetooth, IP sharing, DALNA, & direct client
  • Hide any file
  • Open local files


  • Enhanced cloud storage
  • Photos, videos, viewer
  • In build Root Explorer
  • Support for FTP Client
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi sharing
  • Task manager
  • File explorer
  • File transfer tool
  • Zip file compressor
  • LAN Samba client
  • Simple layout
  • Totally free


  • User Interface is so classy
  • Need improvements in look

Final verdicts;-

To all appearance the file manager by cheetah is a huge rated app available at Google play store, undoubtedly it can be serve you as a best source of file management. Nevertheless it’s a tool which apart from accessing local files as well as you can connect to cloud storage services, such as; Dropbox, Box, Google dive & others. It can be use as a wireless data transfer devices, along with it can access with FTP servers, and even manage apps installed on your device right from within the file manager. So I personally recommend you to install it & use the most hidden features of your Android.

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • Samsung:               Galaxy S5
  • SONY:                        Xperia Z-2
  • HTC:                          ONE m8
  • LG:                       OPTIMUS G3
  • MOTROLA:           Moto G-4g
  • HUAWEI:            ASCEND P7
  • GOOGLE:                 Nexus 5
  • ACCER:                    LIQUED x1
  • ZTE:                   Grand memo ii
  • You can  install it from Google play store
  • Open play store app in your smart phone
  • Swipe the menu to see categories
  • Select  Business
  • Now open the app & click the button to install

Give it a try & Enjoy its exceptional features