Gmail Android App Review

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App Review:-

Gmail app for android is a custom android email client which comes with all android running devices by default, Gmail fully powered by Google. The Google said it would make a perfect email client which would provide far better experience than web client. Believe me Google has proved this with the latest update. However Android’s Gmail app has an ability to enable images, label automatically; people can now personalize their emails as quickly as they were imagine. Well Google made his Gmail app fully safe & secure from malwares. The brand new Google app fully optimized & comes with some advance features, like; categories, swipe to Del, swipe to archived, go through one email to another while reading via swiping gestures. Although who needs to tap frequently on mobile touch when Google has made everything move on swipe. To all appearance the Users will no longer need to tap to show their attachments, check for old emails, and delete messages, here’s everything will done via swipe gestures. If we look through the Gmail application for android we’ll see there are so many changes, such as; a refresh new layout, fully card style user interface, as long as advanced email writing & reading styles. If you still want to find something new that would be exciting than you should have to give it a try. Now you can play with it because it will show you your notifications as pop-up in notification panel. If you’re using the Gmail Android app than you can always feel one step ahead from others. Whereas Google always try to push some frequent updates for Gmail with some latest featured packed elements.

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  • Simply sign in with Google
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Write email as text massage
  • Add as much attachments as you want
  • Send group emails
  • View and save attachments
  • Set up label notifications
  • Move emails from folder to folder
  • Make unlimited folders
  • Trash emails for more than 3 months
  • Enjoy 15GB of free storage
  • Save attachments directly to Google Drive
  • Auto fit messages
  • Set signature
  • Choose the option of vocation respond
  • Sync old emails
  • Search emails
  • View new emails from social, promotions & primary


You can get your email instantly via push notifications, as well as you can read email stunningly. Open email directly through notification panel. No matter you’re online & offline simply respond to your conversations within the app. Search, find add, delete, move, and labeled any email. Gmail also lets you choose the option of vocation respond where from Gmail will intelligently respond by its own over your emails when you’re enjoying your holidays with loved ones.


Don’t even have a single drawback, just perfect!

Final verdicts;-

Google made Gmail as ideally useful, it’s an email app that can run fluently & looks more intuitive. No doubt it’s efficient enough to provide you emails as faster as flashing. It’s actually a fun app which crafted with entire sense of professionalism.

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • Samsung:               Galaxy S5
  • SONY:                       Xperia Z-2
  • GOOGLE:                 Nexus 5
  • HTC:                          ONE m8
  • ZTE:                  Grand memo ii
  • ACCER:               LIQUED x1
  • HUAWEI:           ASCEND P7
  • MOTROLA:          Moto G-4g
  • LG:                      OPTIMUS G3


  • You can  install it from Google play store
  • Open play store app in your smart phone
  • Swipe the menu to see categories
  • Select  Communications
  • Now open the app & click the button to install

Give it a try & Enjoy the exceptional features