Google Earth Android App Review

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It’s my heartiest desire to fly around the world like a bird autonomously looks, here & there from the top between the blossom clouds. As we all know we are Humans not birds so please wake up because your dream comes true by Google. It’s true now you can fly over the earth faster than birds by simply swiping your fingers around the touch screen of your smart phone or tablet willingly. I’m enjoying the phenomenal buttery experience of Google Earth from months, not even a single second I feel any lag or hang while exploring. To be honest now the whole planet earth is in my pocket in the foam of Google earth app. Here’s I would like to illustrate the crucial features of Google Earth with my charming viewers.


Come out from fantasies & Enjoy the extraordinary features of Google Earth

  • Integrated with Google maps street view allows you to explore the earth at street level
  • The layer menu of Google earth allows you to scrutinize the world according to your interest
  • If you mark places from layer menu, the Google earth highlight all the famous places around the world
  • Have a look at the world in 3D, you truly get a sense of flying above the cities, mountains or trees like a Bird
  • You can browse layers included Roads, panoramic photos, Borders and labels
  • Look into Google’s earth gallery to find out excising maps
  • Google Earth always gives you suggestion for known places nearby you at images drag down window with thumbnails
  • Analyze & watch the images & videos of real time earth quacks, planes in flight, city tours & much more.
  • Discover the palate by the eye of tour guide, the google earth brings you the selection of virtual tours from around the globe
  • You can fly by swinging the fingers, the one finger swiping allows you to navigate
  • By the two fingers swiping you can pinch in or out or you can also rotate the map to view the locations from different axis
  • You can also zoom in or out by tapping the finger on the screen
  • View your geo-coded Google plus photos at Google earth by their tag of locations
  • Set the pole from north to south as per your viewing angles
  • Share any location with friends & family
  • Set the Image quality from low to high, as well as the text & icon size as per your requirements from settings menu

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • SONY:                                                Xperia Z ultra C6802
  • GOOGLE:                                          Nexus 5
  • Samsung:                                         Galaxy S4 l9506
  • HTC:                                                  ONE Max
  • T-MOBILE:                                       MY TOUCH
  • ACCER:                                             LIQUED E3
  • LG:                                                     OPTIMUS G2 D802
  • HUAWEI:                                          ASCEND P6
  • MOTROLA:                                      Moto XT1058


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