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App Review:-

Yes! here is good news for those who love fitness & want to stay healthy, from years people all over the global try their best to live healthy life, that’s why they join clubs, gyms or start playing sports, aerobics, yoga & much more. You know think! Getting healthy is now days an expensive task, obviously joining a gym, club or aerobics class is not as simple as it seems, individuals pay huge amount of money to join such professional classes. Well no one can even assume gadgets can also keep them fit without joining a gym or follow tough routines. But it’s only possible when individual having a smart phone running android & also have an idea to select a proper app, because with the right apps they can even make it better to reduce some extra pounds directly at home without the help of any professional trainer.

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Believes me guys I’ve tested out dozens of fitness apps which ranking in the category of sports at a Google play store. Fortunately after spending couple of weeks I’ve found the best one known as workout trainer. Workout trainer is a compact app which can help you train for a marathon, stick you to take healthy diet, set your routines, reduce your body fat & in return you may having a seductive body with appealing look. No two questions about If you’re serious to getting into shape, here’s all you should need to do just download workout trainer app at first from android marketplace without even pay a single buck.

Over & above when you first boot aforesaid app it will welcome you to the world of people who’re gorgeous hunky with in-shape body & great physical as well as mental health. However workout trainer not only straighten your body but also vigor your brain and backbone. No doubt workout Planner will be your personal trainer that will guide you tons of workout techniques in a fully optimal & specialized manner. In addition if you are looking for a personal trainer who’ll teach you how to exercise, train as a fitness guide with express techniques, & also assist you with daily easy to done workouts tricks.


  • Simply create your personal program
  • Set basic exercises
  • Use it to count the amount of exercises you do during a pace
  • Start/stop the timer for the exercise
  • Automatically take you to the next exercise
  • Instant minute of recovery time
  • Key of app is timing
  • Exercises pace
  • Recovery time
  • Professional workout Planner programs
  • App has designed to give you a full muscle workout
  • Workout under effective time saving
  • Crucial to keep up the given pace
  • Increasing the number of reps
  • Cumulative effect
  • A  personal gym
  • Contains workout routine for bodybuilders
  • Separate fitness exercises for women
  • 4 course exercise program
  • Runtastic push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit ups
  • Squats
  • Basic exercises to cover muscles of the full body
  • Adapted timing for optimal muscle exertion
  • Personal workout trainer for effect results
  • Having a stringent timer
  • Perfect self-disciplinary effects
  • Crucial body building exercise
  • Specialized  fitness exercises
  • Sport exercises
  • Simple & robust design
  • 100% effect results
  • Practice as hard as you can to get the maximum profit
  • Abs workout
  • Count through the pace
  • Do consecutive
  • Runtastic abs building series
  • Follow the instructions of the workout trainer
  • Abs workouts
  • Daily abs and muscles trainings
  • Body fitness exercises exclusively for abs at home or in
  • Abdominal workouts
  • Everyday routine for aerobics
  • Abs Builder
  • Easy Exercises to lose weight
  • Hassle free trainings
  • Enter training data manually
  • Graphs and statistics
  • Improve your results with tricks
  • Various training modes
  • Training programs for losing fat
  • Notifications


  • Advanced techniques for workout
  • Simple to use
  • Step by step instructions
  • Completely free
  • Various training modes
  • Abs workout
  • Smart workout tranier


No drawback

Final verdicts;-

To be honest Workout Planner will gives you a confidence to being strong is never wrong, so forget about anything and start workout. Furthermore workout trainer is a complete-app that wills fully converts your smart phone into a personal trainer, for sure to lose weight along with reshapes body as appealing as athletic look.

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • SONY:                     Xperia Z-2
  • HTC:                          ONE m8
  • Samsung:               Galaxy S5
  • LG:                       OPTIMUS G3
  • MOTROLA:           Moto G-4g
  • HUAWEI:            ASCEND P7
  • ZTE:                   Grand memo ii
  • GOOGLE:                Nexus 5
  • ACCER:                  LIQUED x1


  • You can  install it from Google play store
  • Open play store app in your smart phone
  • Swipe the menu to see categories
  • Select  sports
  • Now open the app & click the button to install

Give it a try & Enjoy its exceptional features